Elevated Work Platform VOC


Our verification of competencies areheld to the VET sector requirements

All our Assessors hold their TAE and the ticket they are verifiying.

Elevated Work Platforms VOC

Building and construction workers

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All our VOC’s are fully mapped to the original Unit Of Competency.

What is a Verification of Competency

Under the legislation in Australia, employers must provide “suitable and adequate” training to protect persons from risks to their health and safety at work.

The VET system of qualifications and national units of competency ensures that trainees are trained to a benchmark standard against each unit. However, the VET system is only able to guarantee that an operator is competent at the time they were assessed. As we all know, skills and knowledge degrade unless they are constantly being applied.

Increasingly, employers in Australia are determining that undertaking a VOC process with their workers is a time-efficient and cost-effective method of ensuring that the individual can demonstrate “current competency”.

Not all VOC’s are created equal. Because VOC sits outside the VET system and its regulator ASQA, there is no guarantee that a quality assurance process has been applied to any given VOC process.

Here at Auswide RPLS and Training, we believe that any VOC must be held to an equal standard to the VET unit of competency. This is why all our VOC programs are mapped back to the unit of competency, and then contextualised to the actual worksite where possible. In cases where sites have a well-developed VOC checklist for a given skillset, we are pleased to assess against this.


This is a non-accredited training course. Students who complete this course will receive a Verification of Competency Certificate and a small card (which gets posted out). This certificate is issued by Auswide Rpls.  The Cost of this course is $120 Per Person

In order to conduct a Verification of Competency the student must hold the original UNIT of Competency, which must be produced to us at booking.

Workers who are unable to demonstrate competency will receive written feedback regarding the elements of competency that were lacking, and the nature of the gap training required prior to re-assessment. We often counsel workers who are unable to demonstrate competency to re-sit the VET course in question.


Auswide RPLS and Training can perform VOC for workers in the following skills:

  • Working at Heights
  • EWP Under 11m
  • EWP Over 11m
  • Forklift
  • Confined Space Entry & Gas Test
  • Traffic Control Tickets

Course Overview

  • VOC conducted by an experienced mobile elevating plant operator
  • Knowledge on relevant legislation and Australian Standards for elevating work platforms and working at height
  • Advice on risk control methods for the type of work at height to be undertaken
  • Practical hands-on EWP training to ensure participants can safely and competently operate EWPs

Course Outline

  • Assessing hazards and planning the work
  • Conducting routine checks of equipment
  • Setting up the elevating work platform
  • Operating the elevating work platform
  • Shutting down and securing the elevating work platform

We verify participants with the knowledge and skills to operate an elevating work platform (EWP) with a boom length over 11m and under 11m.