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As a student, you’ve already gained valuable skills and information via your profession and personal life, and now you may apply for the nationally recognized certification. RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) is a method that recognizes the skills and abilities you’ve developed through prior training, which involves both formal and non-formal learning, as well as work experience and volunteer work.

Four Easy Steps To Get Qualified

Free Skills Assessment

Speak to Auswiderpls about your goals, and allow us to guide you towards the qualification that will help you reach them.

Portfolio of Experience

Your dedicated consultant will guide you through the process of putting together a portfolio of evidence. This can contain overseas qualifications, transcripts, certificates, photos and videos, samples or work examples, letters of reference, your current resume, etc.

Evidence Review

Once one of our partner registered training organisations (RTOs) has assessed your portfolio, the assessor assigned to your case may be in touch if any additional evidence is required. If you have any weak areas, the RTO may assign a trainer to upskill you at no cost to you.

You’re Qualified

Auswiderpls is partnered with Registered Training Organisations whose qualifications are nationally recognised in Australia, and are the same as the qualification you would receive from full time study. Qualifications can also be useful for licensing or immigration purposes.

Benefits of RPL

Reduces time spent on unnecessary training.

Lowers education and training expenses.

Increases job prospects.

Validates skills gained outside formal education.

Encourages continuous personal and professional growth.

Customizes education based on existing skills.

Boosts self-esteem and drive for further education.

 Supports economic growth through workforce participation.

Helps businesses address skills shortages.

Promotes equity in education and employment opportunities.

Maximizes employee skill utilization.

Better matches employees to job requirements.

Enhances workforce adaptability.

Helps Australia compete internationally.

 Encourages return to work after career breaks.

Validates and appreciates varied learning experiences.

Reduces the need for overseas recruitment.

Focuses on training that provides the most value.

Assesses and acknowledges overseas skills.

What We’re Offering

Why you Should Choose Our Services

You may gain a wide range of benefits from Auswiderpls to get your abilities recognized through RPL. You can get many advantages by obtaining a nationally recognized qualification with Auswiderpls, such as: