Asbestos Awareness for NSW


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An introductory course designed to provide an awareness and overview of asbestos, how to identify it and how it should be managed.

Child Protection

Child Care and School Employee's

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CHCPRT025 Identify and Report Children and Young People at Risk

Under the National Quality framework, Nominated Supervisors and personsin day-to-day charge must have training in child protection in order to to be responsible person in charge of a service.


Participants who successfully complete the related assessment task will be issued with a Statement of Attainment (SOA) for this unit. This SOA is Nationally Recognised.  The unit of competence on the SOA is CHCPRT025 Identify and report children and young people at risk, issued by our partner RTO Noble Training Academy RTO Code 70201.

Participants must be working or volunteering in a child care centre.

Price for a single person doing this course is $215, For Group bookings $200

Each Trainee Must Provide

Participants must:

  • Be at least 16 years of age
  • Have at least a Year 10 level of numeracy, literacy and communication skills
  • Have the ability to read and write English
  • Contact us if you have any concerns about your level of language literacy or numeracy
  • Have 100 points of ID
  • A USI Number

For online training, participants must:

  • Use a device that meets the minimum System Requirements of Pinnacle’s e-Learning system (we officially support and recommend modern desktop or laptop computers running Google Chrome web browser). Other personal devices (e.g. phones and tablets) may be compatible, but due to the variety available, we do not officially support these devices.
  • Have a stable internet connection.
  • Use a device that can play sound.

Course Overview

The session covers legal requirements, including the responsibilities of mandatory reporters, teaches how to identify significant harm, dynamics of abuse and risk factors, and all reporting requirements for the early childhood sector (our information focus is NSW, but we provide relevant reporting information for participants from other states). It also outlines what’s required in the provision of child-safe environments and teaches practical approaches to supporting children and young people who have experienced abuse, neglect and traumatic experiences. 

Course Outline

  • Sharpen your ability to observe signs and symptoms of harm or abuse, quickly identifying those in need of help.

  • Develop the skill of asking open and non-leading questions to build trust and encourage disclosure.

  • Responsibly respond to disclosures, information, or signs of harm in accordance with state laws and regulations.

  • Implement child-focused work practices that prioritize the well-being and safety of children, making a lasting impact on their lives.

  • Enhance your communication and information gathering techniques to effectively gather important details while maintaining rapport with children and young people.

  • Act responsibly within the boundaries of your role, laws, and organizational policies, ensuring compliance and legal operation.